What is in iCloth Avionics Cleaning Wipes’ liquid formula?


Designed to clean your touchscreen, smartphone, laptop, Kindle and all other sensitive electronics to a shine, quickly and effectively. No drips, no streaks.

    1 step instantly removes smudges, dirt, dust, fingerprints, germs, static, sweat, makeup, everyday grime and gunk.

We have been providing flight deck cleaning solutions to airlines in North america for nearly 10 years and our satisfied customers include major airlines, air freight carriers, military, flight simulator operators and flight deck avionics original equipment manufacturers.  

If iCloth is good enough for the iPads inside major airline carrier flight decks, it’s good enough for your iPad at home!

iCloth is made of aerospace-grade Dupont Sontara fabric (an ultra-soft and virtually lint-free wiper) that is pre-moistened with our proprietary liquid formula (Boeing D6-7127 Revision P – Approved), which is approximately 75% purified water, approximately 25% isopropanol and 1% (Top Secret / Magic) ingredient. 

Each wipe contains less than 2 ml of liquid.  So we are really talking about a drop of water… that happens to clean extremely well, cuts static, and will actually help protect the existing anti-glare coating with a lipophobic and hydrophobic charge.
Our products do not contain NPEs, ethyl alcohol, silicone or ammonia, which are commonly-found ingredients in cleaners likely to damage your optical surfaces. Our product is safe on all plastics including polycarbonate, and all coatings and finishes including UV and anti-reflection. Additionally, plastic-based protective coatings can be found on most LCD screens and touch-screens.

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iCloth Individually-Sealed Avionics Cleaning Wipes are available online at Amazon.com. Read the customer reviews and you’ll come to the same conclusion that many others already have: they’re simply the best cleaning wipes out there.  We have a 100% hassle-free product quality guarantee, so get some today and bring your electronics back to that just-out-of-the-box, sparkling clean feeling every single day.  Find us on the web and follow our popular Our View From Above Blog at www.iclothavionics.com

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