What is Dupont™ Sontara® aerospace-grade fabric?


We use Sontara® brand aerospace-grade fabric by Dupont™ to make our iCloth wipes (that’s right – fabric, not paper!).  It’s designed to be an ultra-soft and yet very tough cleaning tool. 

It’s made by a process called hydro-entangling, during which pulp and polyester fibres are tangled together by pounding them with high-pressure water jets. This process removes all contaminants and excess lint, leaving a hypoallergenic cloth that’s free of any binders or glues that can break down during cleaning and leave streaks on your surface.

It’s made in the USA, in Old Hickory Tennessee, actually – and we are proud to keep our business in America.

More Product Details:

  • Exceptionally clean: contains no binders, chemical residue, or contaminants that can result in surface damage
  • High absorbency rate: jobs completed quickly
  • Low-linting performance helps to minimize defects and contamination
  • Durable: less likely to snag on metal parts and sharp corners
  • Stands up to isopropyl alcohol and other solvents without falling apart

DuPont™ Sontara® Aerospace Grade Wipes meet the rigorous specifications of:

  • Aerospace Material Specification AMS 3819C, Class 2, Grade A
  • Boeing Material Specification BMS 15-5F, Class A
  • Bombardier Aerospace [based on AMS-3819, BMS-15-5F, and DMS-1820E]
  • Cessna Aircraft Company CSFS039 [based on AMS-3819B]
  • Douglas Material Specifications DMS 1820E
  • Japan Defense Agency – approved based on USAF T.O. 1-1-8
  • Pratt & Whitney GA100-11E [approved for use in production of jet engines]
  • U.S. Air Force T.O. 1-1-8
  • US Navy [based on AMS-3819B compliance.]

For further information, please visit the Dupont Company Website.


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