I’ve seen cheaper electronics wipes from China. How is iCloth any different?


Component Selection

We use only the highest quality materials chosen for their unique ability to be 100% safe yet super-tough on the common contaminants, dirt, grease and grime found on everyday electronic devices and eyewear.  We use an aerospace-grade fabric called Dupont™ Sontara® and our own proprietary cleaning solution, perfected after years of testing.

Quality Control

We have an extremely intense quality testing program that ensures the product you receive can be trusted and counted on to work well no matter when you open the package.  Over the years we’ve earned a vast number of technical and quality approvals from different industries, the toughest of which being the aviation industry.  

Laser Focus

This is all we do. Our business is the business cleaning sensitive optical surfaces. It is important to us that our customers trust our product to clean and protect the investment in the electronics and eyewear they depend on everyday.  In fact we’re so committed to keeping up with new and emerging technologies and how to best care for your devices that we run a popular blog called FutureITouch on our site, www.iclothproducts.com.  Come on by and check it out! 


iCloth Individually-Sealed Avionics Cleaning Wipes are available online at Amazon.com. Read the customer reviews and you’ll come to the same conclusion that many others already have: they’re simply the best cleaning wipes out there.  We have a 100% hassle-free product quality guarantee, so get some today and bring your electronics back to that just-out-of-the-box, sparkling clean feeling every single day.  Find us on the web and follow our popular Our View From Above Blog at www.iclothavionics.com

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