Is iCloth made with paper or fabric?


iCloth wipes are made with Dupont™ Sontara® aerospace-grade fabricbecause it’s designed to be an ultra-soft and yet very tough cleaning tool.  

Whereas our fabric is made by hydro-entangling (a process during which pulp and polyester fibres are pounded together with high-pressure water jets) paper is made from either virgin or recycled paper pulp which is extracted from wood or fibre crops. It commonly contains additives such as colored inks or bleach, resins and other glues and chemicals, all of which can break down and leave streaks on your delicate surface.

Additionally, the hydroentangling process that Dupont uses to make the Sontara fabric paper removes all contaminants and excess lint, leaving a chemically pure, hypoallergenic cloth that’s free of any binders or glues.  Paper, on the other hand, tears easily and leaves visible particles and lint on the cleaning surface.

After years of rigorous testing, we have chosen to make our wipes with Dupont™ Sontara® aerospace-grade fabric because we want to make the very best electronics wipe available on the market…  And we do!


iCloth Individually-Sealed Avionics Cleaning Wipes are available online at Read the customer reviews and you’ll come to the same conclusion that many others already have: they’re simply the best cleaning wipes out there.  We have a 100% hassle-free product quality guarantee, so get some today and bring your electronics back to that just-out-of-the-box, sparkling clean feeling every single day.  Find us on the web and follow our popular Our View From Above Blog at

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