iCloth Avionics Offers Specials to Flight Schools

We often get asked if we offer specials for Flight Schools.  Yes!  We are big supporters of pilots, flight instructors, and the next generation of pilots currently in training.

iCloth Avionics wipes are integral to the flying experience.  We help you keep your flight deck in the best possible condition: the cleanest it can get for the lowest cost, weight and time investment.

In other words, iCloth is the best, easiest, lightest and fastest flight deck cleaning tool out there.

If you represent a flight school, we invite you to try iCloth Avionics flight deck wipes at 20% off by ordering directly from the Flight Schools Storefront on our website, here.

We maintain a vast directory of flight schools and training centres for both the US and Canada, as well as for flight simulators. If you are not on them or your school requires an update, please let us know and we will update our site.

Learn more about iCloth Avionics

iCloth Avionics is a proud NAFI corporate supporter.

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