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We had the pleasure to get to know Robert and Debbie from FSANA, and ask them a few questions about their organization’s positioning and upcoming initiatives.

Whether you’re interested in flight training or you run a Flight School, read on to learn more about this important organization:


What sets your organization apart and what does FSANA do differently?


The Flight School Association is extremely focused on serving our member flight schools by developing and assisting in the implementation of programs that bring new business into the aviation industry.  We have several youth based programs that have been enormously successful in terms of new enrollments, as well as being a new profit center for the schools.  On the other side of assisting our members, we work tirelessly to establish relationships with supply chain partners to bring value and introduce new products and services at discounted rates.

In terms of what we do differently, FSANA has several active committees that we encourage not only our members, but our Partners to engage in.  We believe in complete transparency, as well as the principle of putting together “many” minds to create purpose, and then deliver on the committee’s mission.  The group effort, with professionals from varied backgrounds, makes for a fertile “think tank” approach.


What does FSANA specialize in and why?

The FSANA mission is to serve the “Business of Flight Training”.  Many flight schools are born of passion, and some succeed wonderfully, however not all have the support they need in terms of the business side.  Unfortunately, the industry has suffered as a result of poor business practices, and worse, the consumers had little to no recourse to recover investments made.

FSANA was formed as a result of missteps in the training industry and the desire to help both the flight schools and the consumer make good choices.  Our member schools agree to follow a set of “Standards” and adhere to our “Code of Ethics”.


What would you tell someone looking to do flight training?

To follow their passion! But……be prepared to ask a lot of questions and research the flight school(s) carefully.  A pretty website with promises of entering their dream career right away should raise a red flag. Talking to someone already in the industry is a great way to be steered in the right direction.  Also, making a list of questions prior to visiting or calling the school is important.  If a flight school has credentialing, i.e. Accreditation, FAA Part 141, VA or college affiliations, that is a good sign that the operation adheres to strict policy.  Lastly, reach out to aviation organizations for guidance.


What are some important factors to look for in a flight school?

First impressions and opinions do matter.  With today’s technology, it is easier than ever to research a company.  Some of the important items to consider  when seeking a flight school are how long the school has been in operation, student to instructor ratio, fleet availability, onsite maintenance, ease of scheduling, cleanliness of the facility, friendliness of staff and students.  When visiting a potential school, talk to students, this will be an excellent gauge on the schools overall atmosphere.


What is coming up that you would like people to know about?

We have two exciting ventures that are about to come to fruition.  First, our Member Benefit Hub is constantly being updated to include new benefits and programs.  Due out in mid-August, this edition will be a game changer for members that choose to take their business models to the next level.

Secondly, our Accreditation Committee has been working hard to finalize the 2015-2016 Accreditation Standards to present to the U.S. Department of Education(USDOE) for review, recommendations and then on to approval process.  When approved, member flight schools will have the opportunity to accept students that have been approved for Title IV funding by the USDOE.  This is history in the making for the Independent Flight Schools across the country.  The lack of financing for flight training has been a serious issue dating back to 2008.  Currently, students desiring to utilize USDOE opportunities are forced to attend a four year degree program and acquire an enormous debt load.  This endeavor, on behalf of our member schools is by far, one the greatest challenges we have ever faced.  We applaud all those involved and look forward to announcing the new Standards in the very near future.


For more information:

Flight School Association of North America

3111 Arcadia Avenue

Allentown, PA 18103

610-791-4359  Fax 610-797-8238




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