Announcing Our New Flight Chops Sponsorship!


What is FlightChops?

A private pilot named Steve Thorne sharing self-analysis videos and striving to produce the best, most immersive general aviation flying videos available… And they are free for all to enjoy.

Flight Chops is also a robust and supportive community of pilots and flying enthusiasts.

Why Do We Support Flight Chops?

iCloth Avionics is proud to support Flight Chops in its mission to create outstanding immersive flying videos and share its general aviation experiences. By offering a product that achieves maximum optical clarity on touchscreen devices and flightdeck instruments, we aim to enhance all flying experiences for pilots and flying enthusiasts alike.

We have created the iCloth Avionics-Flight Chops Swag Pack as a limited-edition exclusive item designed to help raise awareness and lend support to Flight Chops.

How Can You Support Flight Chops?

You can support Flight Chops by purchasing the exclusive iCloth Avionics-Flight Chops Swag Pack, and by finding them on Youtube, social media, and on the crowdfunding site Patreon.

Note: The Swag Pack ships to US residents only. Supporters outside the US can contact Flight Chops directly on their website. This limited-time offer will soon run out; more Swag Packs will become available if there is enough demand, so please let us know if you want one.



FlightChops on Youtube


FlightChops on Patreon


Supporters can also help Flight Chops by ordering the iCloth Avionics 100-pack (ICA100) on Amazon at a discounted promo price of 10% off.  An additional 10% of that item’s sale goes to directly to production budgets for new Flight Chops content.

Be sure to use this Promo Code at checkout:  FLGTCHPS

A Note from Our Team

Steve, we believe in what you are doing and are happy to be joining you and supporting Flight Chops. As a small business trying to accomplish big things we appreciate the bootstrap culture you, James and your team have built while growing FlightChops. Our family at Devonshire really appreciates the work that goes into growing something from scratch and are very happy to be able to participate and help Flight Chops and grow in this relationship with you. We look forward to growing with you and doing lots of exciting things.
Peter and the iCloth Avionics Team CEO, iCloth Avionics