Where to find iCloth Avionics and Flight Chops at #Osh16

Photo credit: EAA – The Spirit of Aviation   COMPANY BOOTH Advanced Flight Systems, Inc. Hangar D 4034 Adventure Pilot (iFly GPS) Hangar C 3052-3053 AOPA Tent 463 Jeppesen Tent 301-302 Dynon Avionics Hangar D 4034 Avidyne Corporation Hangar A … Read More

Flight Chops videos: learning to fly, with cameras — and without the ego

                                         Flight Chops videos: learning to fly, with cameras — and without the ego Pilot takes “license to learn” seriously, with 2.5 … Read More

The eyes have it – TBM Magazine Summer 2015

Tired of looking at a sea of fingerprints and smudges on your instrument panel? It’s not only annoying and unsightly, dirty glass screens can become a safety hazard. When it’s time to clean up, iCloth is the go-to tool for the United States Air … Read More

iCloth Avionics Shines in Aviation Consumer’s In-Depth Review

  iCloth Avionics was put to the test by Aviation Consumer Magazine, where it got compared to other leading brands and tested on several display screens. The in-depth review also discusses the cleaning methods suggested by various manufacturers of avionics displays. … Read More

iCloth Avionics Now Recommended by Avidyne Corporation

This week, the Avidyne Corporation endorsed the use of iCloth Avionics screen wipes on their avionics equipment. Avidyne Corporation is a market-leader in the design and manufacturing of integrated avionics systems for general aviation (GA) aircraft. Avidyne is headquartered in … Read More

iCloth Screen Wipes now Available to General Aviation

For Immediate Release iCloth Screen Wipes now Available to General Aviation Airline and Military favorite now available to the rest of us   Fingerprints and other grime on our display screens are inevitable. But the makers of iCloth have provided … Read More

Watch Now: AOPA Live Reviews iCloth Avionics

We are very excited to share this video review produced by AOPA Live and shared with its community during its weekly show.  This video first aired May 21, 2015.   About AOPA: With hundreds of thousands of members, AOPA is the … Read More

iCloth Avionics Review by General Aviation News

BY BEN SCLAIR I know a guy who hates it – HATES IT – when anyone touches his computer screen. He’s a big guy, with a dark beard, long hair and many tattoos. Get close to his screen and you can … Read More

Best aviation images of this week from Twitter 04/17/2015

The latest #Boeing 787 N802AN for @AmericanAir returning from storage at @Victorvillecity pic.twitter.com/rQ2vhf3HIu — Royal S King (@royalscottking) April 17, 2015 When you buy a private jet, you should do it properly! A great looking Bombardier Global Express! #avgeek pic.twitter.com/hyzkvG0lb3 … Read More

Best aviation images of this Weekend from Twitter 04/13/2015

Boeing 787-900 Flyscoot at Paine Field WA pic.twitter.com/OiaZoaRguV — World Air Photo (@planenut27) April 12, 2015 Stunning photo of #B787 @AeroMexico_com N867AM at @CDG Photo Jan Arik Ittensammer #avgeek http://t.co/ltFFp4tT2u pic.twitter.com/A4njLE59Q1 — BOAC Ltd (@BOACLtd) April 12, 2015 Fresh paint … Read More