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iCloth Avionics cleaning wipes are recommended by the following companies:


Avidyne and iCloth Avionics

“Avidyne recommends the iCloth as a great way to keep your IFD540 & IFD440 hybrid touch screens clean and smudge-free. We recommend iCloth for all your other Avidyne displays as well,” says Tom Harper, Marketing Director at Avidyne Corporation.

About Avidyne Corporation

Avidyne Corporation is a market leader in the design and manufacturing of integrated avionics systems for general aviation (GA) aircraft. Avidyne specializes in integrated instruments, flight displays, VHF and GPS-based navigation, communication, and data link transceivers, digital flight control systems, as well as a range of ADS-B, traffic detection and weather detection sensors.



Dynon logo


“We recommend the iCloth Avionics brand as the surest way to keep Dynon Avionics screens residue and smudge-free,” said David DeLong, Customer Manager, Dynon Avionics.

About Dynon Avionics

Dynon Avionics designs, manufactures and distributes a growing line of affordable glass cockpit avionics. Dynon utilizes the very latest state-of-the-art technologies to create modern avionics products with an emphasis on lowering prices and enhancing reliability.

Dynon Avionics’ products are designed for aircraft in the Experimental & Light Sport Aircraft categories. The most popular implementation is among aviation enthusiasts who design, build, and fly their own aircraft as a form of recreation.



“As the pilot for Seattle Avionics, I fly with up to 8 iPads while flight testing our FlyQ EFB app. I use iCloth to keep the iPads’ touchscreens responsive to touch input,” says Keith Russo, Vice President, Seattle Avionics.

About Seattle Avionics Software

Beginning with the award-winning Voyager Flight Software System for Windows, the company then expanded into selling its brand of US and European aviation data, ChartData ™, to more than 20 major aviation companies worldwide like Bendix-King, Aspen, Dynon, and more. With the coming of the Apple iPad, the company invested heavily in getting ChartData into virtually every major app and portable device. Later, the company partnered with AOPA to create the #1 rated major aviation app for the iPad – FlyQ EFB.




“Our clients love receiving iCloth Avionics with their new logbooks. The cloth wipes are strong and effective at safely cleaning glass surfaces. The difference is like night and day after you clean your screens with the iCloth,” says Will Goldstein, Co-Founder

About PlaneLogiX

PlaneLogiX specializes in digitizing aircraft maintenance records. With PlaneLogiX you can have a secure backup of your logbooks, searchable records, and track inspections and installed parts.

It doesn’t matter if you a fly a Cessna 150 or a complex 58P Baron. We’ve got tools you can use to simplify your ownership experience and help keep you safe.

Keep all of your records in the cloud, request full binder-print outs, have us transcribe your records from the first logbook entry forward or somewhere in between… Contact us today to learn more!





“Amazingly soft and effective!  iCloth Cleaning wipes far exceeded my expectations for a disposable product.  They are convenient to use with just the right amount of moisture to completely clean without leaving streaks or residue.  They have become my Go-To cleaning product for electronic screens and more.” says Shane Woodson, VP of Business Development, Adventure Pilot, LLC

About iFly GPS™ by Adventure Pilot


Pilot Designed, Pilot Tested and Pilot Recommended iFly GPS offers a simple yet powerful navigation solution that goes far beyond your imagination while keeping it simple and intuitive for all pilots. iFly GPS is the only game changing “Multi-Platform” navigation solution providing exhaustive support of ADS-B, Traffic, Weather on a dedicated aviation lineup as well as Android and IOS device.

iFly GPS delivers full-featured moving map navigation with advanced features like Geo-Referenced Hi-Def VFR & IFR Charts, de-cluttered Vector Mode, AutoTaxi+, RealView, comprehensive Active Alert System and more.

APG logo - no background 12-3-13

Avionics Sales
APG sells and exchanges new & used avionics: autopilots, NAVCOM, ADS-B, weather & traffic systems, transponders, audio panels, antennas, radar altimeters, ELTs, etc.


Avionics Installation
APG has an FAA certified repair station capable of avionics installations and service from inspections and bench repairs to glass cockpits, WiFi installation, ADS-B, TCAS, and TAWS, etc.


Aircraft Maintenance
APG is a Certified Cirrus Aircraft Service Center.


Certified Cirrus Service Center
APG at the Punta Gorda Airport (PGD) is proud to be a Certified Cirrus Aircraft Service Center.



Levil Technology is a family oriented, Central Florida based company established in 1999 dedicated to the design and production of desktop CNC milling machines for education, the hobby enthusiasts and industrial production of small parts.

Our machines are controlled with top of the line solid state technology, making them one of the most accurate and reliable machines out there. Ruben D. Leon, president and founder of Levil Technology, is a dedicated aerospace engineer graduated from Princeton University. He has dedicated his life to automation processes and CNC milling machines.

Ruben and all the staff here at Levil Technology are proud to bring you innovative technology year after year, and provide you with the means to enhance your production process, enhance quality of your products, and take your industry to the next level.

Flying Eyes Sunglasses: Your ears will thank you

Revolutionary, patented, convertible sunglasses for all your adventures with a headset or helmet!

Sometimes you need to wear a headset or helmet at work or at play. If you also wear sunglasses, you know the pain from the temples digging in under the pressure of your headgear. No one needs those dents in the sides of their head. We have the answer: Flying Eyes Sunglasses. Revolutionary sunglasses with multiple, interchangeable sides that are comfortable with…well, whatever else you’re wearing on your head!


FlightCrate: The Subscription Box for Aviators

Spreading passion for aviation and flight, FlightCrate delivers a crate full of high-flying goodies direct to your door every month.

Featuring a new exciting aviation theme each box, subscribers receive a curated assortment of items that are sure to please.


Goulian Aerosports is an professional air show and air race team that performs at air shows in the USA and competes in the Red Bull Air Races worldwide.



Belite Enterprises LLC







Dreams Soar, Inc., founded in 2014 by the first female civilian pilot from Afghanistan, Shaesta Waiz, is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to inspire the next generation of STEM and aviation professionals, globally. We plan to accomplish this mission through a global solo flight, piloted by our founder and president, to 30 destinations, in 18 countries on five continents, delivering over 18 outreach events in communities where young children have limitations or barriers to entries in such fields of study. Partnered with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), as well as NBAA and Honeywell Aerospace, Dreams Soar’s slate of partner companies and agencies participate with our all-volunteer team on a daily basis in preparation of this global solo flight, as well as various outreach efforts. We are best described in our ‘What is Dreams Soar?’ video! Please enjoy: What is Dreams Soar?

Shaesta’s story is best told through this recently published United Nations article, as well as the AirVuz video below!

Shaesta’s United Nations Article
AirVuz Video of Dreams Soar

To learn more about becoming an Affiliate Partner, please contact us.




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