The eyes have it – TBM Magazine Summer 2015

TBM Magazine Summer 2015 page 0001Tired of looking at a sea of fingerprints and smudges on your instrument panel? It’s not only annoying and unsightly, dirty glass screens can become a safety hazard. When it’s time to clean up, iCloth is the go-to tool for the United States Air Force, the United States Navy, Boeing, Bombardier and the list just keeps on going. Made of space-age Dupont Sontara super soft aerospace-grade fabric, iCloth gives you a dust-free, streak-free, static-free glass surface after every use. And when you order, you don’t get a gigantic box of ‘wet wipes.’ Each wipe is individually wrapped, giving you damp, ready-to-to cloth each and every time. For information and a free sample, go to

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