Today’s Hottest #Aviation Stories

Top 3 news stories from Airline Daily Why Spirit Airlines Soared 153% in 2013, and Expects to Stay Above the Clouds in 2014 Spirit Airlines (NASDAQ: SAVE  ) stock rocketed higher by more than 153% in 2013. … Read More

Today’s Hottest #Aviation Stories

Top 3 news stories from Airline Daily The Best Airlines For Business Travelers In 2014 2014 brings with it major changes in the airline industry, including the merger between American Airlines and US Airways and tectonic shifts to multiple mileage … Read More

Best iPad Apps For Pilots

Spin-a-Wind The headwind (tailwind) and crosswind components are based on the runway, and reported wind direction and speed…Read More iTunesGoogle Play AeroWeather Pro Get current and precise weather conditions (METAR) as well as weather forecasts (TAF), which are used by … Read More

iCloth Avionics Cleaning Wipes Aerospace Approvals

    Read more about our Avidyne Recommendation here.   Fabric/Material Approvals:  Aerospace Material Specifications AMS 3819B, Class 2, Grade A Boeing Material Specification BMS 15-5F, Class A Bombardier Aerospace [based on AMS-3819, BMS-15-5F, and DMS-1820E] Cessna Aircraft Company CSFS039 [based on … Read More

What is in iCloth Avionics’ liquid formula?

We have been providing flight deck cleaning solutions to airlines in North america for nearly 10 years and our satisfied customers include major airlines, air freight carriers, military, flight simulator operators and flight deck avionics OEMs.   Our product is … Read More

Is iCloth Avionics made with paper or fabric?

iCloth Avionics fabric wipe iCloth Avionics wipes are made with Dupont™ Sontara® aerospace-grade fabric because it’s designed to be an ultra-soft and yet very tough cleaning tool.   Whereas our fabric is made by hydro-entangling (a process during which pulp and polyester … Read More

I’ve seen cheaper electronics wipes from China. How is iCloth Avionics any different?

Component Selection We use only the highest quality materials chosen for their unique ability to be 100% safe yet super-tough on the common contaminants, dirt, grease and grime found on everyday electronic devices and eyewear.  We use an aerospace-grade fabric … Read More

Should this iCloth Avionics wipe be more wet?

Each iCloth wipe contains just the right amount of liquid to dissolve all the contaminants and impurities on your electronics so they can be absorbed right back into the Dupont™ aerospace-grade cleaning cloth. Often, competitors add too much liquid, which … Read More

What is Dupont™ Sontara® aerospace-grade fabric?

We use Sontara® brand aerospace-grade fabric by Dupont™ to make our iCloth wipes (that’s right – fabric, not paper!).  It’s designed to be an ultra-soft and yet very tough cleaning tool.  It’s made by a process called hydro-entangling, during which … Read More